Freediving with wild Whales in the Arctic
while living on an exclusive Sail Yacht

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Kyla Garft (Nov 2016)

“If you can go freediving with orca and not have your life changed, there is clearly something wrong with you. It really was without doubt, the most phenomenal thing I have ever experienced.” Read her full story

Jon Christman

I learned about the trip because a friend liked it on Facebook and it showed up in my feed. What amazing good fortune!  (more…)

Paul Gagliardi

Simply put – this is the best trip I have ever been on. Photos or video do not do justice to what it’s like to be in the water with these creatures. (more…)

Nicholai Georgiou (video)

Amazing experience that may well change your life. Beautiful scenery and light all day, good chance of northern lights (more…)

A Life Changing Experience…  

Each morning starts early as we set out to find orca and humpback whales which allows the opportunity to dive with. During these hours you will already encounter several pods on the way as they set out to start feeding on herring in the fjords that line the coast. Once a suitable pod has been located, you will be given the opportunity to enter the water in small groups.

With you in the water is free dive instructor and trainer at Freedive International, Jacques De Vos. Before diving from the boat we spend a day with testing of equipment, briefings and of course some fun dives. During the dives he will guide you and secure your safety while in the water.

The whales come to North Norway during the winter months to follow and feed on the herring which move into shore. As there is no ‘fixed’ location, the herring and whales move throughout the vast network of fjords this coast is famous for. We are constantly in touch with local sources to find where the whales are active which also means we often explore new beautiful locations on a daily basis, offering guests beautiful views of the stunning Norwegian fjords. Continue reading “A Life Changing Experience…  “

Smaller groups, bigger experience

Our mantra is “Smaller groups, bigger experience”. We take on board up to 6 guests per yacht so we are flexible to take into account personal interests and wishes. It gives us excellent opportunities to enjoy the wildlife and visit places where the larger boats cannot go. 

Our skippers and guides have a unique knowledge of the area and will be able to take you to breathtaking locations, secret hideaways and local happenings. Our goal is also to let our guests experiencing the local culture and eat high quality local food; all meals are prepared and served on board. The yacht serves as base; you live and sleep on board and explore during the day. Continue reading “Smaller groups, bigger experience”

We who welcome you

Boreal Yachting

Boreal Yachting is Norway’s largest charter company for sail boats and provide adventures journeys based on a combination of marine and land based activities Northern Norway. With our fleet of 13 modern sail yachts we can offer adventures all year around. (more…)

Free diver guide Jacques De Vos

Jacques de Vos is a Freedive Instructor and trainer for the world renowned Freedive International.  He is also an award winning underwater photographer and cameraman with extensive experience of diving with large marine life throughout the world.  (more…)

The Arctic – Norther Norway

Northern Norway is like a fairytale; this is one of the last remaining un-touched areas in the world. We follow the whales on their journey from Tromsø down to Senja. (more…)

The sailing catamaran Arctic Aurora

Fountain Paijot Salina 48

Arctic Aurora is Norway largest catamaran; A Salina 48 with 4 large cabins with double berths, two single beds in the hulls and 4 bathrooms with showers on board. With a 360 degrees view of the surrounding from the 12 square meter saloon and a larger seating area found outside. This is a very special boat; luxurious, but still with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Continue reading “The sailing catamaran Arctic Aurora”


We offer

2 Nights in guesthouse
4 Nights on board in yacht (2 berth cabin)
5 Days diving
Experienced skipper with local knowledge
Diving guide
High quality local food prepared on board
Beverages (not alcohol)
Transport airport/hotel/yacht
Fuel, gas, and harbour fees
One night In Tromsø hotel
Farewell dinner

Scheduled weeks 2017/2018

Oct/Nov 2017
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Jan/Feb 2018
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We have 2 SUPs available on the boat

We only travel with smaller groups of 4 – 6 guests

All food are prepared and served on board

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Tromsø is located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone and our sailboats are the perfect place to get a closer look without the light pollution in the city centre.

Responsible diving with whales

Strict Adherence To Guidelines Boreal Yachting crew members all undergo training in order to practice safe whale watching by placing the comfort and safety of the animals first. All diving activities are performed in a manner which does not interfere with the normal activities of the animals and strict guidelines will be followed to ensure this while still offering guests an experience of a lifetime.

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