Kyla Garft

If you can go freediving with orca and not have your life changed, there is clearly something wrong with you. It really was without doubt, the most phenomenal thing I have ever experienced.

Jacques de Vos, the founder and guide, is incredibly helpful, friendly and dedicated. His experience and knowledge were faultless. He has managed to create a unique experience that needs to be seen to be believed.

The staff of Boreal Yachting worked tirelessly to ensure we had the mostcomfortable stay, putting in impressive efforts such as cooking feasts in the dark and always ensuring a steady supply of hot chocolate.

The vessels used by Boreal Yachting are ludicrously luxurious and well stocked with delicious Norwegian fare. Despite dunking into Arctic waters every day I think I managed to come back heavier than when I arrived!

We were lucky enough to be blessed with five perfect days of weather that allowed daily interactions with herring, orca, and humpback whales. Words cannot describe the awe and wonder inspired when a pod of orca circle back to inspect you a little closer or you see the white of a humpback’s eye whilst it slows down to look at you. Intentionally small groups provides an intimate, personalised experience with some wonderful people. I can’t wait to come again!

Kyla Garft