Arctic Freediving values safety both in and out of the water which is why we set high standards in how we conduct our expeditions.

In the water:

We are dealing with wild, large marine life in extreme water temperatures, in the ocean, under potentially unfavourable weather conditions and these factors naturally pose certain risks. In order to responsibly manage these potential risks, we at Arctic Freediving:

  • only deal with small groups
  • brief clients thoroughly in advance on safety issues as well as the animals they will encounter
  • only allow experienced freedivers or snorkelers to enter the water
  • have a highly experienced and qualified guide in the water at all times.
  • adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the animals, our guests and our crew.

In advance all guests must be confident in the water as freedivers or experienced snorkelers, including comfortable and experienced with full dive equipment suitable for colder water. We will operate as a group and will not be able to assist or supervise individuals during these dives. Are you unsure if your competence is adequate send us an email and we will be happy to brief you more on the details.

Our partner in this venture is Jacques de Vos and his experience is paramount to your safety! As an award winning underwater photographer and cameraman, Jacques has years of experience diving with large marine life throughout the world ranging from sharks in South Africa to our orca and humpback whales in northern Norway. In addition to this he is also qualified as a Freediving Instructor Trainer (the highest level in Freediving), Scuba instructor and Commercial Diver, so his experience with divers in and under the water is crucial to our expeditions.

During the first day of the expedition, all clients will have the opportunity to snorkel from shore in a sheltered fjord in order to acclimatise to the condition and to also prepare them for the weeks in water adventures. At the same time Jacques will evaluate clients to ensure that they are indeed capable of being in the water without direct supervision/assistance while also preparing them for the life changing experience which awaits.*

*Please note that this is not an opportunity to learn how to freedive/snorkel and that all clients are expected to be fully capable before arriving. Once on our catamaran, clients will receive specific briefings from Jacques before every in-water session and clear parameters will be set in order to manage everyone’s safety.


On the catamaran

With over a decade of experience and a perfect safety record, Boreal Yachting is Norway’s largest charter company for sail boats and provides adventure journeys based on a combination of marine and land based activities Northern Norway. All Boreal Yachting crew are highly experienced, well trained and most of the skippers are also certified sailing instructors.

With their intimate knowledge of the north Norwegian weather, coastline, fjords as well as open water all the way up to Svalbard, you could not be in safer hands. Guests are thoroughly briefed on the safety and general procedures during their stay on board which includes the use and location of life boats, use of self-inflating life vests, use of the tether system (when outside), as well as providing all guests with access to the use of extreme weather exposure suits on board.