Paul Gagliardi

Simply put – this is the best trip I have ever been on. Photos or video do not do justice to what it’s like to be in the water with these creatures. The details and logistics of the trip are wonderfully planned by Jaques and Boreal Yachting.The cabin is a beautiful spot for nothern light shots and getting accustomed to the water temperature. Boreal Yachting provides a magnificent boat and crew to make the time on the water as amazing as could be.

Our dinghy pilot was fantastic, as she would maneuver us around pods of orca, bring us hot chocolate as we waited for the next dive, and somehow manifest amazing dinners out of a modest kitchen setup. The captain always had us in the right spots for diving and had great stories at the dinner table.

Jaques is exactly the type of person you’d want leading a trip like this. He is incredibly knowledgeable about diving with these cetaceans. He is extremely accessible prior to the trip for all your questions. He is also a very funny and personable guy, eager to witness how this amazing experience will impact each guest.

I have done similar trips to this, but Arctic Freediving tops them. Not only because of the amazing scenery, orca, humpback, herring balls, and northern lights, but because of the people involved. I have already booked my trip for next year – only 340 days til I go back – but who’s counting.

Paul Gagliardi